Stutterheim High School

We provide quality education for our children to reach their full potential in all spheres of life

Extra Murals

Stutterheim High School has exquisite grounds and sporting equipment which allows the school to support an array of extra-mural activities. There are many reasons for people, young and old, but especially the youth, to play sport. They include, but are not limited to the following reasons:

  • To live a healthy lifestyle and to enhance physical development;
  • To enjoy, have fun and participate;
  • To make friends;
  • To build a sense of camaraderie and be part of a team spirit;
  • To be taught mental strength, respect and hard work, in order to achieve goals and success;
  • To teach children how to win with dignity and to lose with grace;
  • To develop both physically and mentally;
  • To participate and be victorious against rivals;
  • To serve the school and contribute in every aspect of school life;
  • To maintain a balance with regards to academic, sport/culture and social development;
  • To be afforded an opportunity to aspire to be the best they can be;
  • To enhance and pursue career opportunities in sport;

At SHS, our sporting activities are all governed by a singular vision:

A school sport environment that promotes mass participation, healthy living and lifelong participation within a sporting culture.

As a direct result, our sporting programme is designed to achieving the following aims:

  • Providing maximum participation and enjoyment for learners;
  • Providing effective and enthusiastic coaching/instruction at all levels;
  • Creating opportunities for learners to perform and compete either at a personal or team level within the school (inter-house activities) and outside the school (inter-school activities);
  • Fostering a healthy school spirit through participation and enjoyment;
  • Supporting sporting excellence.
Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis
Swimming Rugby Rugby Swimming
Cricket Hockey Hockey Cricket
Athletics Netball Netball Athletics
Cross Country Cross Country
Soccer Soccer

Stutterheim High School has a number of educators who are passionate about their cultural interests and we therefore have an exciting lineup of cultural activities offered at the school. These include:

  • High School Choir
  • Interact in the High School and Early Act in the Intermediate Phase
  • Primary and High School Art
  • High School Drama
  • Primary and High School Coding
  • Library
  • School Christian Association
  • Chess
  • First Aid in the High School

At Stutt High, our cultural activities all have one purpose:

To expose learners to a variety of activities that will enrich and challenge them to come out of their comfort zone and enhance the talents that are already within them.

The choir is a vibrant group of young people who gather each week to raise their voices in song. We try to tackle a variety of pieces of music each year and we always add our own flavour to the compositions.
Interact is a group of benevolent learners who want to make a difference in the community as well as the school. They raise funds to help the needy and they also clean up the environment. They meet twice a week after school.
This takes place twice a week in the afternoon where learners are set a different task each term and are taught to use different materials. Their completed works are displayed at the end of the year in the foyer and they are also entered into the schools art competition for the Border area which takes place in East London at the end of the year.
Lights, props, music, costumes…Action! The drama group practises twice a week where students learn to tell stories, both old and new as means of self-expression.
There is coding for Grades 4 - 12 in the afternoons. This takes place in the Computer Labs where learners pick up important skills necessary in IT related fields.
This is for the purpose of encouraging reading and research. The library is open during break and after school for an hour.
Student Christian Association meetings take place during break once a week and aims at encouraging learners to understand the Bible and grow in the faith.
It takes place once a week at break time and is aimed at challenging learners who need some extra mental stimulation. Chess provides individuals a place where they can challenge themselves by playing against one another.
First Aid
All Grade 10 and 11 learners are given the opportunity to join a week-long course in the afternoons that provides them with a level 1 and 2 First Aid qualification which is valid for 2 years. Once they pass the course they are expected to perform First Aid duties at sporting events and be available to assist with certain emergencies which may take place during the academic day.