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The library is under the leadership of Mrs. Holland, Mrs Warren, Mrs Kingman and Mrs Iveson with 17 monitors who do daily duties.

The library is open every break from Monday to Friday and manned by the monitors on duty. In the afternoons the library is open from straight after school for an hour, Monday to Thursday.

In the afternoon the library is mostly used for research by the Intermediate and High school phase learners. We have six computers available, with a printer. We are very grateful for the new computer which was donated by the PTA in 2018 as well as a computer from the school’s office in 2019.

Over the last three years many new books were bought to upgrade the Foundation phase section of the library. New sections were added like, Bible stories, science, general knowledge and so on. Mrs. Warren really did a marvellous job and PTA members also helped to cover all the new books.

The Intermediate and High school phase also received new books and we are also very thankful for the book donations by various people.

The reading period that was introduced in 2019 is contributing to many more pupils making use of the school library and we are planning to add more new books to our present collection, in 2021.